it´s BOOKCLUB time again!
in case you want to join us - just let me know
we´re meeting again on 28.1., 19.30
it´s the story of a year in the life of a tiny bird - a dunnock or hedge-sparrow
one blurb´s saying it is a novel about
"... survival. The rapture of mating, the patient labour
of nest-building, the laying of tiny, sky-blue eggs - these milestones,
together with the fears and catastrophes of the dunnock´s year are beautifully
and movingly evoked."
i did it find a bit corny and in parts a bit like reading 
one of those trashy novels with doctors, royals and lots of fainting - but maybe it´s a bit the translation´s fault
also i felt cheated on the apparently very interesting sexual life
the ornithologist boyfriend of my sister promised me
(i will have to ask him about a few more things about those birds before we meet...)
so all in all i´m looking very foward to the discussion
made a seed cake looking a bit like a bird-feeding ring 
(seed crust?! i was afraid it might just get burnt, but it turned out exquisitley crunchy and now i know what the seed-cake-fuss in English novels is all about)
and a few bird fat balls for humans based on those SESAME BALLS
the font used is from the wonderful free font poject by THE PYTE FOUNDRY
(thank you so much for the link, dear ULMA)
fonts for headings are not to be used in running text, but i couldn´t care less
so here you have it!


only for a few more days:
get some of our pieces for a very special deal over at MONOQI
so get your hand on some ducks and waves and other rings and ear studs
hurry - a few things are already sold out!
all pictures by MONOQI


hope you all had some very lovely holidays
and a good start into 2016
on new years eve we stayed at home (again) - none of the planned going dancing happening
due to icy streets (again)
E had a new year´s cry (again)
and forced us to come up with some deep stuff resolutions (again)
to put mine into a shallow shell: i´d like to match my life more to the clothes sleeping in my wardrobe
whatever that might mean
this BRACELET would have been the perfect attire to go with the fire works
i´m starting to feel relaxed just now
and would like to have a few weeks of doing nothing ahead
since i was so stressed out in the last weeks  before christmas
i had to leave a physiotherapy session early 
because i started to have a panic attack
which would be something i have to work on in this new year
other than that we have been rather lazy the last days
and eating A LOT, meaning almost non stop
including a fruit cake from hell that just refused to set, even after four bakes in the oven
maybe the week long soak in rum and cointreau made the fruits too drunk after all
E was told recently she would need a good reason to be naked on stage
so here´s the one for dancing around my kitchen with no shirt on:
she wanted to spare her dress because her head was covered in prophylactic chemicals
since she got a text message basically saying
"Merry Christmas, i might have given you head lice!"
drawings sneaked from SAMUEL´S diary
grey cushion cover by THINGSLIKEDIAMONDS
swapping stuff is so great...


that´s right - i´m putting heavily pregnant women to work!
rolling lots of dough balls and turning them into various kinds of "eyes"
(there´s even a pinkeye)
to serve at our Christmas market
i even forgot to offer her a chair and then she couldn´t take any cookies with her
since the jelly wasn´t set
the "bull´s eyes" with poppy seeds where based on a recipe my mum made at least a decade ago
from an ancient copy of ESSEN & TRINKEN
the saffron eyes were inspired by MILAS DELI
the lemon curd filled ones by a recipe from the latest edition of SCHROT & KORN
and the spiced ones with white chocolate and sugar sprinkles - i just made them up
all of them were quite hard in the beginning but "aged" beautifully in my grandmother´s cookie tins
i also made a Turkish coffee cake from Margot Henderson´s cook book "You´re All Invited"
which i just had to have after watching her on MUNCHIES a while back
but i did not turn out like i hope it would, probably got something wrong
also just ordered Claire Ptak´s new book
and i can´t wait to make her chocolate cake with Amarena cherries
which can be found HERE, since she has a column at The Guardian now
want start reading ELENA FERRANTE´S books
(a member of our BOOKCLUB suggested them, another one CASSANDRA AT THE WEDDING
and we´re also really into the OLD FILTH triology
AND we´re reading Nigel Hinton´s In the Heart of the Valley next in case you want to join)
oh, it looks like i missed out in this year´s christmas edition of Jamie Magazine (my favorite issue)
so in case i´ve got some readers from Great Britain - save me one, please!
it´s been LETTERED PENDANT madness in our workshop for weeks now
and W constructed the world´s heaviest brass fire wood carrier for my mum
i won´t touch it, it might break my back (again) but she´s in love
so i might post some pictures of the finished thing sometimes
and since i probably won´t post here again before the big holidays:
Merry Christmas everyone!


we´d like to invite you to our annual WSAKE Christmas market
this time we don´t only offer our jewellery 
but also some spectacular hand blown glass ware by INGRID DONHAUSER
(in case you can´t make it - we do ship those pieces, prices range from 30 to 190€)

Saturday, 5.12., 2 - 7 pm
WSAKE showroom, Am Gries 35, 93059 Regensburg
you will find a lot of pieces from our previous collections
and a brand new range of one of a kind ear rings
(yes, we do ship those, too, just drop us a note)
and - as always - there will be festive treats for you to enjoy
looking very forward to meeting you soon!

also: those KISSING GUY BARRETTES are almost sold out
the ones above are currently on their way to FINE LITTLE DAY
so don´t wait too long in case you have your eye on these very loving fellows