got a new phone
and since i´m very late in that game i made myself a late-bloomer-themed phone case
using some drawings i made for the FLORAL PATTERN CARDS
i like THOSE by Leah Goren too
also i joined Instagram right away - you can follow me @annawsake
got quite addicted instantly
since it´s so much quicker than blogging
but i guess i wont give it up
those working coats in dark colours don´t come in small sizes
so i´m looking like a unbelievable dirty doctor wearing a lab coat instead
right now we´re working on some custom made CHANGE NECKLACES
using heirloom beads and pearls
a FANCY STONE RING with a stunning two coloured yellow sapphire
and we´re thinking about a reedition of an Advent wreath W made a few decades ago
plums galore
not a day without
does someone has any experience with VSCO for Photoshop?
thinking about getting an edition but i have no idea what i should choose
any suggestions?


late summmer things
but right now it definitely feels like fall
wore pantyhose for the first time yesterday
quite tart local apricots for PISTACHIO SQUARES (Nina knows a DELICIOUS VERSION too)
(works excellent with our abundance of plums too + who doesn´t like such a friendly called recipe)
a HORCHATA made with apricots
and a PLUM CAKE with champagne and olive oil
W thinks those wire beads are too common
i think they are delightful anyway
and a good way to get some training in aiming with the solder flame
S did not like my tightly bound fall flowers
so she tore them apart again after taking the pictures
she was right i guess
cat does not like the fish rattle
too noisy
and i do like ANA KRAS
so i work on a lamp shade once i a while - very fangirl like
completely aware that hers are actually art 


i´m quite sure i´m really boring you
but there´s not so much happening in my life
doing laundry 
(cat approves very much)
cutting down a monstrous purple hanging plant once or twice a year 
(and starting it over again with the cuttings)
working on some SWIMMING RINGS
oh, that´s a bit exciting: some PLANT HANGERS arrived from Portugal
get them now - there are only a few more left until the next shipment
i do have the feeling HONY is currently doing his part to restore world peace
me - not so much
in case you´d like a purple plant too to spend your dull time with
let me know and i´ll send you a cutting next time
with some kind of egg free marzipan filling
but that´s as exciting as it gets around here
yesterday: WORLD´S CAT DAY


W is trying to smile with our SEMICIRCLE COLLAR NECKLACE
he has to work on that a bit more though
while taking the pictures he asked why a feature about olives would stream perfectly on his favorite gadget
and one about grapes wont
i had no idea of course
he´s very worried about the durability of his ipad so i told him i´d get him a new one
the minute his best new friend bites the dust
he seemed relieved
the intestines of antique church candlesticks
the silver pieces are currently getting a make over
the most disappointing pesto i made - ever
stringy - apparently too old - sorrel tasting bland and slightly tart
i´m a huge pesto lover
(and i tell everyone about that fact, a lot, it might turn into an annoying habit)
so i wont be put off by this and will try a new herb this very weekend
let´s see what the farmers market has to offer
TROPICAL MOONS in the morning sun
figs and blackberries from Ss + Ws garden
i have no idea where those shiny black seeds are from
but i find them all over the garden
quite likely a evil weed
i like to find little devilish gifts at the flea market
this hideous picture frame is for painter E
to put the drawings in she´s going to make when in France
bon voyage
an exhibition by ANA KRAS
a nice BLOUSE
a BOOK STAND EVENT i would have loved to visit
i wonder how this BRASS CUBE will looks once it´s actually used
it´s very likely heavily coated to remain shiny
but an uncoated one would be interesting too - getting brown, patchy, covered in verdigris


it looks like i´m very good at channeling a saint
not interested in that career though
being one involves lots of pain and making miracles happen
turned some casualties caused by severe cutting back
into a divine smelling wreath
if someone would be interested in making me fall in love with him
it might help a great deal if he wore the scent of santoline, artemisia and basil
get´s me every time...
my hydrangeas are still battling with the ground
small flower heads but they do look quite optimistic to me
and i´m very smitten with those tiny explosive looking ALLIUMS
(quite a match in that vase looking like a grenade somehow)
they come in lots of colours and i´m going to order ALL of them this fall
for a ginger cat owner
and a custom made silver plated HAIR COMB
it turned out so nice we decided to offer tis option too
and a very old plum tree breaking down bearing too much fruit
and YES, E would very much like to sell her paintings
do get in touch with her any time
a for no reason my favorite part of Breakfast at Tiffany´s:
"The sky was red Friday night, it thundered, and Saturday, departing day, 
the city swayed in a squall-like downpour. 
Sharks might have swum through the air, 
tough it seemed improbable a plane could penetrate it."
you just have to love Truman Capote